Tuesday, May 31, 2005

walk it off

I don't know where the force went, but I feel unable to blog anything compelling. Sorry, I don't know what's happened. The redundant nature of my day to day life has left me little to say. Nonetheless, I pretty much rely on and adore that redundancy.

While I wait for my blogibilities to return, I will provide a quick update on my daily walks. During last week's embarassing visit to the doctor for Jerry's check-up, I was forced to hop onto the scale. By weighing me with Jerry and then weighing me, the nurse was able to deduce Jerry's weight. It was a successful trick for both seeing how much Jerry has grown, and for shocking me into the realization that I need to get into shape, or rather get out of fat.

So, I started last Monday and have walked each weekday morning since then, except for yesterday which doesn't count since it was a holiday. I'm feeling pretty good about it, and I enjoy it, and I think I'll keep it up. So there. You all know.


H-SPO said...

i think that you should write a blog about all of the words that you have made up and then consistently used. like blogabilities....and delitter. ha ha ha.


H-SPO said...

and as you know...i am a HUGE FAN of walking.

H-SPO said...

great job with the walking.