Tuesday, June 07, 2005


  1. Blood on the Tracks: G and I are going to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson on Saturday evening at the new ballpark. We're getting pumped up by listening to all sorts of music by both artists.
  2. My New Design: It's a little carrying case for double pointed knitting needles. I will attempt to sell it on eBay at a yet-to-be-determined time. I have sent a sample product to my first tester (h-spo), and if anyone else who reads this who knits or knows a knitter or knows someone who knows a knitter and wants to be a tester, then I will send you a knitting needle case for free to keep!
  3. Spiderman Undies: Jerry is now wearing underpants during the day. I think he's having a pretty good time with the whole thing. It's me who's freakin' out. I worry that every time I leave the room I'll come back to find a lump of poo somewhere (this has not happened). Or even worse, I'll smell the poo but won't be able to find it (this also has not happened). Then at night I'm still thinking to myself, "does he need to go...should I ask him...where is he..." and then I realize he's asleep and wearing a diaper and I don't have to worry.
  4. Jane Austen: I'm just closing in on the last few pages of Emma. Like I said before, I knew what was going to happen because I saw Clueless, but obviously it has been a delightful read. I'm sad because I am almost finished. But I'm happy because when I went to the movies the other night I saw a preview for Pride and Prejudice. I wanted to get up and scream I was so happy.
  5. There is a number 6 today because putting the picture as a bullet was the only way I could figure to get the picture where I wanted it. Alas, I am going to move onto number 7 because it is such an important point.
  6. Patrick Dempsey: From the geek in Can't Buy Me Love to television's hottest MD. Gotta love it.


H-SPO said...

oh my god,
i love the polka dot one.
i'll talk to you later.

love h-spo

tracy said...

hey girlie, it's been a while since i've posted and read your blog...so yeah, i'm a knitter...at least i try. i've finished one scarf and started two others. i would love a cool handmade bag from you for my kneedles :).

Mandy said...

wahoo! I'll get to work on a needle case for you.

ps. i am so glad you knit.