Thursday, May 05, 2005

radio, anyone?

When I am at my computer I often listen to Radio Paradise. When I am in the kitchen in usually listen to Beck or Kelly Clarkson or Bob Dylan or Counting Crows or whatever else is spinning in my 80's era compact disc player. When I am with my husband, I will inevitably be hearing either NPR or sports radio. And that is all fine and good.

But when I am in the car, I listen to 98.7 Simon, my new local radio show. It used to be 98.7 The Zone but then one morning the DJ's took over the show (or so they made us believe) and within the week the whole station had changed. It was pretty annoying that they tried to make listeners think that it was somehow a people's revolution: playing anything that was requested. The station is owned by a huge corporation and I can't imagine that the switch-over was nothing less than a well-planned and researched marketing move that took months and months to plan.

What is even more annoying than the fact that they tried to trick me is that they are actually playing music I like to listen to! It's not all pop songs, it's not all corny 80's, it's not all classic rock or oldies or adult comtemporary or's all of that! And just the right mix. Man, you can hear Tom Petty and Nirvana and Outkast and Elton John and Maroon 5 and Pink and the Beatles and so much more. I'll admit that sometimes when they play a totally random song I switch to one of the other stations to see if Eminem is on, but I always go back to Simon.

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