Friday, May 06, 2005

a funny thing happened at the library

As I was checking out my books today at the library, I noticed one book that I didn't remember choosing. I glanced at it quickly, and decided Jerry had snuck it in. Once in the car, I examined this mystery book, Where Willy Went..., and discovered that it is a story about a sperm named Willy. I held the book up for Jerry to see, and asked him if he had chosen it. He said yes, and I believed him because at his age he is prone to answer questions truthfully even if the answers are incriminating (e.g. Me: "Did you use the chair to climb up and stand on the counter to get that handful of candy?" Him: "Yes.").

So we have a book about sperm, a children's book mind you, and it is actually quite endearing. The story is sweet and simple and the intercourse between Mr. and Mrs. Browne occurs under the covers.

I'm not sure yet if I should read it to Jerry. It seems like the sort of thing I need to discuss with my husband first. Should Jerry have his first sex talk before his third birthday? Not sure.

Other things I checked out of the library:
  • Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (I totally can't even remember if I have seen this)
  • Journey to Big Water (of the Land Before Time series for children)
  • various children's books by Jack Prelutsky, who wrote Awful Ogre's Awful Day which was so good that I had to see what else he has up his sleeve. I compare his writing to John Lithgow, who is an incredible author of children's books, in case you didn't know.

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h-spo said...

basic story of lord of the rings 2. the good guys have like 5 guys. the bad guys have 5 million. however, the good guys win. i probably just saved you 3 hours of which you could use to think about talking to j-po about sex.

jose is in his interview. NOW. i am nervous as hell.