Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I guess it's Tuesday again.

  1. My Friends Blogging. Here and here. When will H-spo catch on that just commenting is not enough?
  2. Walks. I'm going to try and take a walk every day before 9am. Progress report to follow.
  3. Rain. I like the rain because it waters my flowers and I don't have to. I also like it when I feel a raindrop mere seconds after I pull the last bit of dry clothing from the line.
  4. Walmart. There are many things I like about Walmart, but here are two biggies. First, in the automotive department they have these microfiber cloths that are totally rad. Although they cause quite a stir in the dryer due to large amounts of static, the positives of these little buggers far outweigh the negatives. Use them for dusting, cloth diapering, scrubbing the toilet, or washing dishes. Man, they are so hot right now. Second, in the crafting department they have one pound cones of Peaches & Cream 100% cotton yarn. Here's the kicker - you can purchase this yarn other places that have a bigger variety of colors, but it costs upwards of $10. At Walmart it's only $6.97. $6.97! What a deal!
  5. Stitch 'n *****. I'm hosting my first playdate/stitch 'n bitch tomorrow morning. But we're not gonna call it that because we don't want our young children repeating us. We'll probably just say something like "Do you want to come over to knit on Wednesday?" Oh, and also, it's not really a playdate either because I think the plan is to put in a video so that we don't get bothered by the little rascals. So maybe we can call it stitch 'n stare at the television.

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