Monday, April 25, 2005


I got the boot today. I wasn't fired for doing anything bad, so it's not like you can really say I was fired. In fact, I will still be working for the folks. I guess I was fired because they need someone who can be at the office for more regular hours. Now, instead of having two distinct jobs (one for the fundraising and one for the websites) I will only have one (the websites).

The thing that bugs me is that I was upset even though this is what I secretly wished would happen. The boss-lady was a penis-wrinkle and I hated her without knowing what it was I hated. So now I don't have to see her anymore - other than the month I have to spend training the person who will now be doing my job. The person who will be doing my job is a friend and a lovely woman; I am glad to train her; and I wish her luck working with the penis wrinkle. It seems fucked up, and it kind of is.

The bottom line (and I will use bullet points here because I always do):
  • I am glad to be done with a job that was making me miserable.
  • Despite that, I feel crappy because I don't like to fail, and I feel as though I have failed.
  • I like writing bad words, such as "penis wrinkle" and "fucked up" because I never, ever say them in my house now that I am a mother.


Dashiell said...

that's crazy dude. no one likes to be fired, but it seems like you're in a better situation. i wouldn't stress too much about it -- you're still getting paid and you're still in the mix. i'm really happy you said "penis wrinkle" though. it's been underused in the last 15 years or so.

Mandy said...

"Penis wrinkle" is an ode to my brother and sister. I think we used to call eachother by that name...about 15 years ago.

h-spo said...

speaking of "penis wrinkle", i just watched what about bob with bill murray the other day. there are a couple of damn funny scenes where bob thinks that he has terets syndrome. i don't think that they ever yell "penis wrinkle", but i always wish that they would. he he.