Monday, January 23, 2006

my world just got bigger

Yesterday my mother-in-law told me about the first summer she spent away from her home in Ireland. One day when she was sixteen her parents took her down to the tiny train station, put her on the train and sent her off to Dublin by herself. There she had to find a bus to get her to the airport to get on the plane that would take her to the South of France to live with her uncle for the summer. She recalls the night that her cousin invited her to go to a party on the beach with her and her friends. She wore a fancy cocktail dress and stockings and high heeled shoes because she didn't know any better and no one bothered to tell her. The other kids were all dressed in sneakers and jeans. My mother-in-law said it took her about one second to realize how big the world was and how much she didn't know about any of it having never been away from home. She said she still feels red in the face just thinking about that night.

My story isn't really that all-important, but I just listened to my first podcast. I feel much smaller now. There's so much out there! Two things. The podcast and the song. Just listen to the song. It's called the Boob Fairy for goodness sakes!

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