Monday, January 16, 2006

Let the Trash-talking Begin

Dear Tracy,

I hope you're ready for a big Carolina smack-down on Sunday. You're gonna get it. And can we all put our heads together and try to remember the last time that a team named after a bird actually won a Superbowl*? That's what I thought.


*Edited: Okay, after doing some reasearch on my own, it appears that Baltimore beat the Giants in '01 in a stinker. Gerald must have blocked it out of his memory. But still, a team named after a bird? Come on.


tracy said...

bring it :).

Sarah said...

I didn't know either of you guys liked football so much. I mean, Mandy, I did gather from your blog that you had an active interest. But Tracy, I had no idea.

I just can't get the hang of downs.

Mandy said...

I came from a football town and Gerald is football crazy. And downs, hmmmm. Maybe Jerry could explain it to you. Just kidding.

Downs are like chances. So when a team gets the ball they get 4 downs to try and get 10 yards. 4 chances! So it's always "1st down and 10 yards to go." If they get 10 yards on the first play, then they get another 4 chances, or it's another 1st down. If they don't get it on the first try, then they go to "2nd down and (however many yards they need to make it to that 10 yard mark). So if the running back ran for 8 yards on that first play, then it would be "2nd down and 2."

This may or may not make any sense. And it's always bungled up by penalties and other rules and such. But it's really not that confusing. Actually, besides the fact that Gerald is always watching football, it's very exciting and I would watch it even if he wasn't around.

tracy said...

sarah, i too am surprised at my newfound interest. i started off knitting while watching football with jason. this then led me to start asking questions. this season is probably the first season that i have had such interest. it helps to have the seahawks actually playing decently for once in a long time. i still ask questions, some appropriate and others not, but it's a fun thing to do with jason.