Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Knitting Olympics: project details

Here's a little more info about what I'm planning for the Olympics. I think I'll get some self-stiping yarn from KnitPicks in a shade I normally wouldn't choose: plum. Click here to see the other colors. Normally I would go for the forest shade, but hey, I'm challenging myself. And the whole time I was knitting Courtney's purple scarf I couldn't get enough of the color.

KnitPicks: Parade
75% Superwash Wool/25%Nylon

And the pattern is Jaywalker by Grumperina. Click here to go to the free pattern. Hopefully the zigzaging will look totally awesome with the self-striping yarn. The only place where I might run into troubs is that the KnitPicks yarn is a sport weight and the pattern calls for fingering. I'm allowed to do swatching before the big day arrives (training, duh) so I'll actually have to measure my guage and trust that everything will work out for once. Otherwise I might just end up with socks for The Giant of Knockmany Hill.



H-SPO said...

or pot socks... like i did.

tracy said...

i got the patterns in the mail today. now to just find time to start a knitting project...hmmmmm