Sunday, January 08, 2006


Since the Giants play in NYC (NJ actually but who's keeping track?), not NC, it's hard to find appropriate playoffs parafernalia (I've never spelled that word before) around here. Especially for kids. And you might get beaten up or something if you ask for Giants gear this week when they're playing the Panthers. So being the zigzag mommy that I am, I decided to make my own parafernalia.

Assembling the supplies:
Here I have a template for the logo, double-sided fusible webbing, blue t-shirts in appropriate sizes, and an old white maternity shirt that will be chopped up for the lettering/numbering. Not shown are the iron, the exacto knife and scissors, the ironing board, and my self-healing cutting mat. Also not shown is my dogged determination to finish this project before 1pm EST on Sunday.

Jerry got a hold of the camera:
Here you can see the chaos that is my sewing table (and my large ass). Since I've been knitting much more than sewing, things at the sewing table have been piling up. I can't wait to build my new sewing table, move it into my new bedroom, build an extraordinarily organized shelving unit and paint these goddamn walls a different color than their current shade of puke. All before new baby arrives.

Half-way there:
Amazing what sunshine can do for a photo. So I've fused the logo onto the front with my double-y fusible webbing crap. That stuff is amazing. And I did a little applique stitching around the "y." I really like how it looks without the stitching, but it would likely become very ragged after washing if I didn't do it. So I did the stitching.

The front:
Here's the front finished. A very proud Giants fan displays his new shirt. And notice in the background UNC (#25) is playing NC State (#12) and going on to beat them. Remember how nobody ranked UNC at the beginning of the season? TAKE THAT. Anyway, have I mentioned that I made three of these t-shirts! Yes, three! But wait, there's more...

...the back!
Jerry is #80, Jeremy Shockey - tight end (has a tattoo of a bald eagle/flag on his arm). I am #10, Eli Manning - the QB (he's like 21 years old!). Gerald is #92, Michael Strahan - defensive end (and nfl record holder for most sacks in a season). I haven't done the stitching on the other two shirts yet. It can wait.

In conclusion: GO GIANTS!


tracy said...

wow, that is pretty cool that you did all of those shirts. sorry they lost, though. but you should join my bandwagon in rooting for the seahawks. man i've gotten into football with jason around. even though this is the second whole season of football that we have been together for, this is the first year where i am beginning to really understand the game. it's a nice break from studying too :).

Mandy said...

you must be absolutely crazy to suggest i root for another team. first, the giants, then the bills (buffalo) then the panthers. really, you don't know how big of a fan Gerald is. but if it ends up the seahawks are the only team left to root for, i will definitely jump on.

tracy said...

i totally understand your allegiances.