Sunday, December 11, 2005

we've got names, baby

Gerald and I spent about an hour last night rifling through the baby name books I borrowed from the library. It was surprisingly fun, and we came up with some good ones. Seriously, none of the following are jokes.
  • William Edward, called Ned or Will, we're not sure.
  • Finn (also spelled Fionn). Gerald has always joked about this name, Finbar in particular, but when I really think of it, Finn is a pretty cool name. Then when you read about it the legend of Fionn Mac Cool is neat. We have this funny book about Fin M'Coul, The Giant of Knockmany Hill.
  • Woodrow something, called Woody. We really like Woody, but imagining the poor child on the first day of school is likely to make this one a non-choice. We don't want to ruin the kid's life here.
Gerald likes Rory, but I'm not really down with that. I like Zack, but it's not Gerald's cup of tea.

Here is more about Fionn Mac Cool from this website (not really sure how accurate it all is):
Means "fair-headed." Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend), a central character in Irish folklore and mythology lead the warrior band, the Fianna (read the legend). Fionn was not only incredibly strong but he was also extremely brave, handsome, generous and wise, a wisdom he aquired by touching the "Salmon of Knowledge" (read the legend) and then sucking his thumb.


Sarah said...

I really like Finn. I think that is a super cool name.

tracy said...

i have to agree that Finn is my favorite. am i to assume that you are having another boy???

Mandy said...

no, don't assume. but we're already pretty much locked in on a girls name (Maggie) and until about a week ago, we had no idea for boys names.

tracy said...

got it. are you going to find out before the baby comes or do you want it to be a surprise?

Chelsie said...

Finn is absolutely one of my favorite names... from Irish legend to Huck Finn... your son could fit in to whichever mold pleases him! Personally, the Finn (full name, David Finn Presley) that I knew in college was more rat-pack-cool, very smart, well-read and savvy.

What would Maggie's middle name be?

Such fun to be choosing your child's identity with their name (and such power)! Though ostensibly they'll have their own character - you could argue that it would be hard to escape the curse of say, Thaddeus Rupert - my husband's choice of name for our first child.

Mandy said...

Maggie would likely be Margaret Mary, but that's up in the air. My mom's name is Mary Margaret, Gerald's Grandma's name was Margaret (although I hear she was a witch) so it's all family based. But maybe for a girls middle name we could stray to something Italian or totally random (Lucia anyone??). We don't know of a middle name yet for Finn/Fionn...Edward maybe, my grandpa/dad/brother's name. And I'm loving Fionn more and more every day. Kinda makes me want a boy, even though I totally want a girl. :)

And the sex of the babe will be a surprise. Although not that big of a surprise because it's only going to be one of two things. And the early ultrasound we had indicated only one baba, so we don't have to come up with two names.

Sarah said...

I really like the name Finn too, although my son is William (Will for short) so obviously I have a bias towards that too.