Saturday, December 10, 2005

A fake tree? Yup.

The only reason I am allowing a fake Christmas tree in our house is because of the pure joy Jerry showed when we discovered it in the attic of the house we've lived in for two years. Friday evening, the boys ventured to Walmart and bought about $5 worth of lights and decorations. Since then Jerry has been saying, "My tree is going to be fan-tas-tic." It really is. And hearing him say "fantastic" is pretty darn cute, too. He gets to keep it in his room and everything. I'll tell ya, three-year-olds can be a trying time for parents, but it's amazing how much he takes in and how delighted he is by the simplest things.

Merry Christmas, Bubba. I love you. Posted by Picasa


Chelsie said...

He's the cutest little boy. Almost makes me want one too... :-)

tracy said...

he definately makes me want to have one :).