Wednesday, December 21, 2005

...and an hour later we've got this!

Yea! The gingerbread house is finished! I have no patience for doing it any better today. I decided before we even began that Jerry was going to be allowed to do it his way. This just means I have to put aside my perfectionist tendencies, and live with the fact that it wasn't going to be done exactly how I wanted to do it. But see? It looks pretty good anyway. And he thinks it's the "best gingerbread house ever," and who am I to disagree?

Also, I did all this with one batch of frosting, and I don't feel like making another batch. So that's really the main reason we're finished. If I feel like it later, perhaps I'll whip up another batch of frosting and do some landscaping. I doubt it, especially since there are massive amounts of cut-outs to bake and frost.

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Sarah said...

It's clearly perfect.

tracy said...

are those sweedish fish swimming around? sweedish fish are the best, and so is this gingerbread house :).

Mandy said...

they are bigger (cheaper) versions of sweedish fish. jerry loved them.

thanks for your kind praise.

i'm tired.

Chelsie said...

so the beautifully perfect wreath was all jerry's idea? :-) oh, you good mom, you.

he's so freakin' cute - i can't stand it. you've gotten some great photos of him this christmas!

Anne said...

I want to live in Jerry's gingerbread house.