Sunday, November 27, 2005

To my dear Dashiell:

I think I have a new movie policy. Let us see if it holds up. I have recently seen Walk the Line and Harry Potter, and enjoyed them both immensely. I held off on reading reviews so as to not spoil the movie viewing experience.

It worked. I just read Owen Gleiberman's review of Walk the Line, which he rated B+, and agreed with everything he said. But I don't care about the things he said were wrong with the movie. I give it an A. So that's the new policy. I'm going to read reviews only after I see a movie. This really only applies to movies I am really excited to see (e.g. Pride and Prejudice, although I think I have read some reviews already.) There you have it.

In all honesty though, the very very very best part of Walk the Line was the company in which I viewed it*. I went with my very very very bestest friend of all from high school, after a delightfully satisfying meal that left me stuffed until turkey the following day. The whole day was an eerily familiar throwback to high school, minus the Lincoln Town Car, and it lived up to all expectations that I had built up in my head. If I had my way (which I don't, given the whole East coast/West coast, woman with child[ren], limited budget thing) this type of dinner and a movie thing would happen with a bit more regularity - even once a year would suffice.

*Besides my very bestest friend from high school there was a group of adults with disabilities in the theater who cheered and clapped and stomped their feet during the Johnny Cash songs. It was how I felt during those performance scenes, and I will never forget the experience every time I watch the movie, as long as I live.


Anne said...

I'm glad you had a chance to experience the boisterous enthusiasm of the innocent hearts at the movie theater. I've found it addictive:)

H-SPO said...


you know i've been quite the water works lately, but dammit, you made me cry. at work.

love h-spo.

Mandy said...

What the heck made you cry? I didn't even mention the $2 bills (yet).

H-SPO said...

just the whole friendship thing and the scene you described in the theatre. of course i remember your commentary of what the folks down front screamed out. i picture them completely unselfconscious and totally happy.

Dashiell said...

aw, h-spo, don't cry!

mandy, what was i supposed to send you? i need to write things down or get a notepad or something.

Mandy said...

The Alias Magazine, in which you are featured, available in the magazine department at Barnes & Noble.

Also, the Italian version of the graphic novel of which you are the author. You also need to tell me when I should go to the comic book store to order the English version.

Additionally, you PROMISED that you would send "Sex and the City: The Complete Series," a bottle of SJP's fragrance "Lovely" and "Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season." Don't forget.

I think that's all. :)

Dashiell said...

haha ah yes! well i've got all the goodies today so i'll send them out tomorrow. :)

H-SPO said...

is he serious about sex and the city?

if he is, i might cry. again.

Mandy said...

i'll let you know. i hope he knows when i'm kidding.