Wednesday, November 30, 2005

last week was lots of fun

I had lots of fun last week in B-lo. I should have recorded my thoughts sooner so as not to forget everything (preggers, duh), but here goes. Don't poop out, it's gonna be long. This recollection is more for me than for you. I don't want to forget everything that ever happens.

  • We arrived in Buffalo (no snow) and visited Grampa at the market. Smelled like Chistmas, due to all the trees, and I loved it.
  • After picking up H-spo from the airport, we left Jerry with Uncle Ed and headed to the wedding site for a walk-through.
  • But first a stop a Starbucks for employee-discounted decaf coffee. Yummers.
  • The place of the wedding is gonna be sweet. I loved it a lot. I'm glad that it's not me planning the wedding. Too much to think about. But it's going to be a great party. I hope they let us get rowdy. Actually I hope they let everyone else get rowdy, because I'm going to have a very small baba, so I won't get rowdy.
  • Then I went to help frost the cookies for Holly's shower. It was a big secret project, because we wanted Holly to be surprised.
  • Wedding Dresses! Oh what fun! Jerry got to stay with Great Grandma (still no snow) while Holly played dress-up and Mom and I watched. I took so many freakin great pictures, but it doesn't seem right to post them on my blog. So I won't.
  • If I didn't think I'd get flagged, I'd also post the picture I took of Holly in her "wedding dress bra" or glorified expensive underwear. It's this great thing that gives Holly the perfect boobs. Not like there was anything wrong with her boobs to begin with, I guess it's just you need a little oomph for your wedding day.
  • The dress she bought is perfect.
  • Then we went to the florist. I think I'm going to carry a bouquet of pink tulips, which will look great with the black dress I'll wear. I loved the florist, because she was down to business and her place of business was a bit of a wreck, which made me happy. It also smelled like flowers.
  • We had a roast chicken dinner at Great Grandma's house. Even Eddie came.
  • Coffee in the morning at Panera with Mom's crazy retired knitting friends.
  • Jerry spilled his hot chocolate all over me.
  • So we went to the mall and I bought new pants. I also got a new preggers sweater to replace the old preggers sweater that I am soooo sick of. That was nice.
  • Then I had my dinner and a movie date.
  • I tried to watch Veronica Mars, even though Jerry was still awake. Did Logan call her "Veronica-won Kenobi?" It doesn't get better than that.
  • Typical turkey day stuff. Jerry helped Grandma get the turkey in the oven. It was huge.
  • I took Jerry to my Aunt & Uncle's farm. We saw goats, sheep, ducks, horses, a pig, a miniature horse, a donkey, chickens, etc.
  • Then we went inside where my Aunt showed me how to needle felt (I feel a new crafting obsession coming on) and Jerry played with my cousins. I think that was the only time during the week where he played with other small children.
  • Back at home, my mom made me make the mashed potatoes.
  • Dinner was totally yummy. The apple pie was the best ever.
  • Then my mom and I "fake-counted" the grains of rice in a small jar so that at the shower someone could guess how many there were and win a door prize. We didn't totally fake it. After we counted 1,000 grains, we used our mad skills to hypothesize how many grains were in the jar: 5,623.
  • I had to get up early to make the crudite for the shower. Wegmans, normally a mecca of a produce department, was just opening after being closed for the holiday, and their selection was disappointing.
  • Spa Day! I was invited to join Holly and her high school friends for a day at the spa. My first spa visit ever! I had a facial and a manicure. It was really quite fun. Holly has pretty crazy friends.
  • Then lunch, where I ordered a salad (shocker) and actually enjoyed it.
  • The shower! Linda had the shower at her house and it was totally lovely. There was food enough for about 200 people - there were only about 30 people in attendance.
  • Of course it snowed about 8 inches just when the shower started so people had to drive in blizzard-like conditions and then walk through it in their nice dress-up clothes.
  • Jerry stayed with Grampa and watched Sponge Bob for the second time in his life. The first time was when Eddie watched him on Monday.
  • I realized that I am actually not a maid-of-honor. I have the distinguished title of Matron of Honor. If that doesn't make me feel like an old bag...
  • After the shower I packed all my crap (how I ever got it all into the suitcases I'll never know) and went to sleep for a few hours so I could get up at 4am to get on the first plane out of B-lo in the morning.
I can't type any more. And poor readers, you can't read anymore. But lots more happened once I returned from the North...


Sarah said...

you old bag. all that sounds completely delightful. I wish that I could have a spa day. I want to invent a mommy and baby spa, with holistic nurse babysitters.

Mandy said...

That would be soooo cooool. Then I'd have to become one of those rich homemakers who can afford those kind of things. I'm sure there's plenty of rich homemakers in CT. Go for it.

Anne said...

Mommy spa...

I really think you're on to something Sarah.

Shall we look for backers?

Keep this idea very hush hush, or it will percolate into the ether where someone with means will snatch it and do it, like all my great ideas, velcro-off-at-the-knee pants for example.