Wednesday, November 16, 2005

39 Days to Go

Knitted Gifts for Christmas: Status
  • 5 gifts complete (with some random weaving in of ends and other crap like that)
  • A bunch to go.
  • A couple in progress.
Things are looking good on the knitting front. I have even decided on the hats for the little neices and nephews (and maybe the buddies, if time and yarn stash permits). And I'm having so much fun doing it all. I read my pattern book like a novel daily. I even make little index cards with my yarn lables and little samples of my yarn. I KNOW! It's so pathetic! But I love it! I want to start more and more projects because it is just so fun! Weehoo!

Soon I'll have to stash the stash away so that I can find a path to my sewing machine and whip up some other things I have in mind. Like a needle case for my mother, a newly initiated stitch 'n bitcher (even though she's still sticking to garter stitch scarves). And a knitting tote that I have a plan for but need to design an actual pattern for.


Oh my gosh. I discovered this pretty neat thing called StumbleUpon. It's so cool that you need to try it. It's a toolbar that you install and then you tell it your interests and then when you click "stumble" it takes you to a webpage that other stumblers with your interests have said was cool. At first I had all these interests (like movies, family, parenting, kids), but now I've just limited it to crafting/knitting/sewing/quilting and I've come across some of the coolest sites. Then you rate the site if you like it. I guess it's like when you rate books and stuff on amazon. It's really a good time waster, like I need that, but it's totally freakin' fun. Try it, dude.


Sarah said...

I took this book out of the library of knitting patterns, fantasizing about making these gorgeous sweaters and blankets and so on. Little did I know, I can't read knitting patterns.

Mandy said...

Then you should take out another book from the library called Stitch 'n Bitch. It's how I learned to knit and I highly recommend it, but it's rarely available in the library.