Friday, October 21, 2005


Last night at dinner we gave Jerry the ultimatum. He had to choose his Halloween costume and stick with it. See, Joann's is having some big 50% off sale today, so we're going to stock up on the supplies we need and then spend next week stitching up a costume. I gave him a few choices because I'm not allowing him to be a character. Why should he be batman when he doesn't even know who batman is other than seeing the image of batman a million times whenever we go to the store? Maybe I'm being a dictator, but it's good to be the dictator. Anyway, he had good choices - dinosaur, knight, pirate, any animal but dog. He chose PIRATE because pirates can have guns and swords. Good job bubba. Now we'll see if you can just stick with it through today and not have a meltdown when you decide in the middle of the fabric store, after the fabric is cut, that you actually meant knight. It wouldn't be the first meltdown you've experienced when given the choice between two things but only being allowed to choose one. We're talking monumental, "can't you control that child," middle of a quiet store, meltdown. But there is no more waffling. It's pirate or nothing. It's good to be the dictator.


Anne said...

Good on you, Mandy, for helping your little bubba be decisive. I was never able to achieve that with Brendan - to the point that one year (second grade), he wanted to be a "batman-dragon-space alien". Being the milque-toast that I am, I went to Joann's, got some black quilted fabric for the batman cowl-cape, some green and yellow felt for the dragon tummy scales and tail, which I then sewed onto a turquoise lame(la-may)shiny suit along with some extraterrrestrial-type ziz-zag ornamentation. It was pizzazzy, if bizarre!

Mandy said...

More pizzazzy, and more creative! Following the pirate pattern is a little bit of a bore but as the dictator, I like control. I'll teach him to sew one day and then he can make whatever costume he wants.

Anne said...

I did have one extremely un-pizzazzy year - a white pillow case with two eye-holes cut out, a straw cowboy hat to keep it in place, and cowboy boots - the "Cowboy Ghost" Halloween. I think it may have been guilt over that pitifully poor maternal effort that prompted me to the other extreme in later years.