Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jerry v. The Dryer

A few weeks ago Gerald got me all slobbering over the prospect of purchasing a new washer and dryer set. We currently use two very old models that were either purchased at Burtner's, the used appliance store, or came with the house we bought. I can't remember which ones they are as there was some shuffling when we moved them into the house (or more accurately, the back porch/laundry room/mudroom/shoe pile/tomatoe ripening room).

So we were walking around with damp socks because when I wash on hot, it leaks a little onto the carpet and whenever you go through the back porch, which is a lot of times, you may step on the soaked carpet with either your left or right foot depending on whether you are entering or exiting the house. It was then that Gerald proposed the idea of a brand new washer and dryer from Sears and the slobbering commenced.

I bring this up because something just happened that I hoped, in vain I suspect, would break the dryer. I think the dryer is fine, and it appears that with a little wiggling once he gets around to it, Gerald will be able to fix the hot water leak in the washer. But anyway, Gerald was allowing Jerry to help him with the laundry earlier, and Gerald left the soap on the floor in order that Jerry could get a scoop and dump it into the washer. Jerry figured he would do an extre-super job and add the granulated soap to the dryer, too, unbeknownst to anyone. Luckily when I started the dryer I forgot to add the dryer sheet, so when I remembered and opened the dryer a minute later I was greeted with a storm of laundry soap.

The detergent is off the floor and stowed safely in the cupboard. The clean wet items that were covered in detergent are back in the washer for a rinsing. Jerry has been informed of the difference between dryer sheets and laundry soaps, and warned not to use either unless under the direction of an adult. The dryer is very clean, free of detergent, and not broken. And I am left here, with two appliances still working, just glad that our first "Jerry v. the Dryer" experience didn't involve a small child wondering if he could fit his body inside.

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Sarah said...

I laughed so hard at the mental picture of that that Nella started laughing at me.