Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i'm trying

Good Morning.

I've started laundry. I didn't do any yesterday, even though the basket was overflowing. Luckily I never heard Gerald start a load late last night after he realized he didn't have a work shirt or undies to wear today. He was all set this morning. I would be a total failure if he actually had to make me dinner and then do my laundry all after a full day of work.

So why didn't I do any laundry yesterday? I was very very busy doing nothing else. Well, I did do some things. Like for instance, I started my slipcover. It was so exhausting trying to do it that I spent the second half of the day watching The Food Network and Oprah. I'm not kidding. I was exhausted. Normally we keep the television off after the morning headlines, but it was awfully convenient yesterday to sit and watch Paula Deen and Rachel Ray and listen to Jerry say things like, "Daddy can make that," and "Mom, you can't cook, can you?" We love Rachel Ray. I actually lost my head once after watching Rachel Ray make frozen fries. She said not to open the oven while you're baking them. I passed this little nugget on to Gerald who informed me that while he believes Rachel Ray to be an entertaining cook, he is certainly not going to take cooking advice from her. And he routinely makes ("a delicious and healthy dinner from start to finish") in under 30 minutes, so he must be right.

Oh, the funniest part yesterday was during Food 911, a show with Tyler Florence that I don't usually like. But since we were playing couch potato yesterday I didn't change the channel. The first thing he made was some kind of jerk sauce with mangoes. He added tamarind paste, which is dark brown. He did it all in a blender and then poured it out onto some chicken to marinate. It was brown and chunky and resembled poop. I didn't say anything but Jerry mumbled, "Gross." He was totally right. It looked like crap on chicken. I was like, "Yea, that is gross, it looks like poop." And then we laughed about it for a few minutes. I'm proud of Jerry. You can't be from my side of the family and not appreciate a little poop humor. You also must be very fond of sweets, but I digress.

The first load of laundry must be done now so I shall go perform my duties as "homemaker" and then put up some pictures of my in-progress slipcover.


H-SPO said...

if you can open the oven while cooking frozen fries you MUST be able take the cover off of the rice and look at it while it is cooking...

Mandy said...

nope. gerald is king of rice. i think when he was a chef bachelor he ate only rice. dirty rice. i think he resents the fact that i don't like things spicy, including rice. but no, you may not look at the rice before the requisite 20 minutes has passed. even i know this and i never cook it.

i should cook it though because i've been craving rice and eggs like shadyra used to make in college. that means i've been craving it for like 5 or 6 years. it's eggs over easy on top of rice and the yolks run all through the rice and make it scrumptious. i don't even like my eggs runny. but i do if its with rice and lots of salt.

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