Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the brown chair with pleasant wigglies

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Gerald has noted that the chair is going from a mainstream seventies fabric to a hippie seventies fabric. That's not a bad transition if you ask me.

So, I finished the cushion during Desperate Housewives on Sunday night - just in time for Gray's Anatomy. I turned out good, so I was encouraged to start the rest. It's hard. Right now the inside back and the apron are pin fitted in place. Then I need to pin fit the boxing strips and apply the piping. Does this sound confusing? That's why I've read the directions 1.5 billion times. Continuously. But I've realized that reading the directions doesn't really help you do a better job. So I just have to keep pinning and hoping that I'm doing it right. Hoping that I don't have to buy more of the $veryexpensiveperyard.00 fabric. Hoping that I am really talented at slipcovers, I just don't know it yet. Hoping that if there is a Goddess of Slipcovers, she will graciously bestow goodness and beauty upon the chair which I am attempting to cover with fabric.

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jurgi said...

Thats scary mandy