Friday, September 16, 2005

who's at the door?

It's the question that has been asked all summer by Veronica fans. I just saw the season finale Wed. night, so I've just been asking myself for a few days. I'll say, I look forward to finding out who it is (Logan, please) but I think I'm more interested to know what will be the mystery of the season. A big thanks goes out to PL for telling me to watch.

OC...I really liked the theme song re-mix at the end, as Ryan and Marissa got busted. It was sad, but I thought they both looked so bad-ass - Ryan in his bomber jacket and Marissa in her hoodie sweatshirt.

I love tv!


Dashiell said...

it was good stuff last night. i am looking forward to the moody roadtrip that they are going to inevitably take. also, i like how kirsten is being manipulated by the crazy woman from rehab. i feel a forced isolation at knifepoint coming up with that one too.

Veronica is going to be great -- i eagerly await her sexy return.

Mandy said...

ah, moody roadtrip. but I don't like crazy rehab woman. i guess she just freaks me out, so i'm a little scared of her.