Sunday, September 25, 2005

this is my one hundred sixteenth blog entry

unconscious mutterings

  1. Crave:: reeses peanut butter cups
  2. Whole package:: of beef
  3. Roommates:: water street
  4. 5:30:: pm
  5. Lesbian:: lover
  6. Poignant:: novel
  7. Hurtful:: crap
  8. You and I:: are together
  9. Grateful:: son of a bitch
  10. Giggle:: or google

I feel very vulnerable posting the list above for some reason, but I'm going to blog it up anyway. It is an anniversary of sorts: my 116th entry. I was going to celebrate my 100th, but I was in the middle of a before & after craze with redecorating photos and I was sidetracked. I couldn't celebrate then, so now I am.

I watched Oprah all week. ALL WEEK. I'm really taking full advantage of being unemployed and sitting around the house all day. Anyway, I'm telling you because she announced her new book club selection and like any good stay at home mother who cannot think for herself, I went out and bought it. I needed someone to tell me what to read, and Oprah was very convincing. I've started it and she's right, it is VERY GOOD. I want to be reading it right now but I'm not. Obviously. I also bought this book, and then I will go see this movie if any theaters around here feel like screening it, which they probably won't.

At least they started showing this movie, which my mother and I will probably go see tonight because she will be arriving this afternoon for a visit and we preplanned a trip to see it.

The reason I bought all these books is because I'm going to the beach! Yea! My first visit ever to the beaches of NC! I'm so excited to go and sit on the beach in my bathing suit! I can't wait! I love wearing bathing suits! Especially when I'm showing a little but not enough for anyone to assume I'm pregnant! And I can't even drink strawberry daiquiries! Woohoo!


H-SPO said...

i read shopgirl. i read it last year while i was on the train. i liked it.

Mandy said...

i did not know that. yea, I think i'll take it to the beach with me.

sarah said...

I read shopgirl too. Your before and after pictures are wonderful, in the grand tradition of HGTV, to which I am addicted.
Crave:: the wave
Whole package:: directions
Roommates:: party of five (?)
5:30:: train
Lesbian:: bookstore
Poignant:: nostalgia
Hurtful:: words
You and I:: peas and carrots
Grateful:: dead
Giggle:: made me think of jello jigglers