Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the molding

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On Sunday, Noreen and I used our mad skills to measure and cut the molding. I used 1x6 boards, so it's not technically molding, but I love how it turned out. I painted them on Monday and on Monday night we brought them in and set the boards in place. So they're not affixed to the wall yet - I first need to obtain a counter-sinking drill bit and then figure out if I'm going to find the studs or just say fuck it and screw them in so they stay.

Did you know when you buy a board that says 1x6 and then you measure it, it doesn't actually have a depth of 1" and a height of 6"? Isn't that fucked up? The boards actually are about 3/4" thick and about 5" high. What's up with that? When all of you start buying homes and start "diy"ing, keep that in mind.

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