Saturday, September 10, 2005

i hear whining

I spend most of each day telling Jerry to stop whining. Yesterday it was the trucks. He pulled out his basket of trucks. He pulled out his box of trucks. He played with them for a while. When it was time to put them away, he whined that he needed help putting them back. No amount of explaining to him that 'if you got them out then you can put them back' could convince him to drag those goddamn trucks back to his room. He whined, and we - as a team - finally put the trucks away.

So why bring this up? It has to do with Thursday nights Fall lineup on the boob tube. Yes, I'm whining about it. What's a girl to do? We already know I like The O.C. I love watching Survivor because it's one of the rare shows the hub and I enjoy together. Not only is Alias a good show, but I also feel obligated to watch. And to top it off, I'm intrigued by the new show Everybody Hates Chris. There's no doubt that a solution will be found, but for now I just feel like whining about it.

But don't worry Veronica, I already know I'm taping you and will watch you directly after Lost.

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