Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i've been doing NOTHING

I don't have anything to blog about because I haven't been doing anything. I'm outrageously bored, yet I've done nothing about it. Well, okay, I've done a few things which I'll outline below. Be warned, it may very well bore you out of your mind, so read on with caution.

Since the hub has been gone, I've watched all those movies. I'll tell you, Shall We Dance? (the one with J.Lo) looks like an Academy Award Winner next to The Wedding Date. You know how I love me some cheesy romantic comedy action, but The Wedding Date was inexcusable. There was absolutely no chemistry between Debra Messing and the guy whose name I can't think of at the moment. It was a waste of an hour and a half. Not funny, not charming, not romantic, and nothing redeeming.

My mother-in-law and I knocked out the old hearth and put a new one in with concrete. Actually, she did all the work while I watched and told her it wasn't level. We went to Lowe's two times because we didn't buy enough concrete the first time. I got some lovely slate tiles that we'll use to cover the concrete and as a surround on the existing bricks. While I acted just as the overseer on that job, I've actually been doing all the work on the mantle. I've primed it twice, filled the holes with wood filler, and now all that's left to do is put on the final coat of paint. The goal, as outlined by the major financial backer of the whole project (mother-in-law) is to have the whole room finished before my mother comes to visit. Painting the ceiling and walls is next. Then husband has to replace the electrical outlets and switches, install the ceiling fixture, and put in the baseboards (or skirting, as the Irish lady calls it). If you're still reading, you can concur that this is boring. But read on if you must.

I spent yesterday following the news. I couldn't pull myself away from hurricane coverage. Things seems really bad today. I've heard that flooding causes more emotional problems for people than any other natural disaster.

I watched that new show on Fox last night: Prison Break. I liked it. There are two reasons why I will likely tune in again. Tattoos and toes.

Other than all this, I've been playing with Legos a lot. We built the coolest house car yesterday. I've also been playing with the castle, playing with the babies (our way of saying 'stuffed animals'), playing with the train, playing with blocks, and consequently spending lots of time picking all those things up.

Now we're off to the WalMart.


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