Tuesday, August 02, 2005

cinco de tuesday

  1. Catapults of Slime. A game that Jerry made up where Mom lies on the bed and bounces Jerry about on her knees. Induces laughter and tiredness.
  2. Pink. Seems to be my choice for upcoming wedding. But have you thought of the other colors? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple? Something to pink about.
  3. Figs. In a few weeks it'll be time to harvest the figs, sterilize the jars, try to make jam. Hopefully there will be enough for fig bars. And figgy pudding. And figs in a basket.
  4. Sore Losers. Husband has proposed that I participate with him in a fantasy football league so I can "feel more involved." We'll probably be teammates seeing as I am a sore loser. We know I am a sore loser because he refuses to play checkers with me ever again.
  5. Double Mint Mocha Decaf Skim Latte. H-spo works at Starbucks.


H-SPO said...

it would be:

mint chocolate

get it right.

Mandy said...

what's the most outrageous drink that someone has ordered? can you make it?

H-SPO said...

grande (in a venti cup)
1/2 hazlenut 1/2 vanilla
no foam
no water
extra hot
with whip

H-SPO said...

the no water part shouldn't be there.
you wouldn't believe all of the crazy things people order. but that is the beauty. we'll make whatever you want. no questions.