Monday, June 27, 2005

real hot

I really liked Mad Hot Ballroom. There was this one scene that couldn't have been scripted any better where one of the teachers is talking about how her little hooligans are turning into ladies and gentlemen. You want to laugh at her because she is being so dramatic, but at the same time she is so right that you have to feel for her. I also loved the scenes on the streets of NYC because they weren't shiny or flashy or typical, they really were those streets that I used to walk down. It took me back. I really liked how they showed the dance scenes as well. When the kids were competing, they showed each couple's entire dance, without cutting it short. That was awesome.

If you're really not in the mood to go see a whole movie about kids doing the fox trot, then check out the website. There are lots of good scenes to watch. Be sure to watch these under trailer/clips:
  • I See Them Turning Into Ladies/Gentlemen
  • Wilson/Elsamelys Competing the Rumba
  • Change Partners
Ah! I loved it! And the dumpy theater wasn't that bad. The movie was shown in this really really small theater with a really small screen, but awfully comfy chairs.

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