Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i gotta tell you about...

Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson
Live in Concert - June 11, 2005

  • Weather was brilliant. A little overcast and therefore not too hot.
  • The tour's bestselling stop thus far was Greensboro. I think the day of the show, they had sold 7,000 tickets and the news estimated that 9,000 people showed up.
  • Parking at most decks and on the street is free in Greensboro on the weekend.
  • At our brand new ballpark, this was the first concert of this size. They set up the stage in deep center field, there was a sound booth covering third base. The pot-smokers filled in the area between, sitting on blankets to begin, and then standing for the show. The stands were also filled up with people. The show was general admission.
  • First band, The Green Cards, were pretty good.
  • Willie Nelson, who came out second, was great.
  • Bob Dylan, the headliner, was great but he didn't play the guitar one single time; he stayed behind the keyboard.
  • We knew that Jerry's babysitter's husband was going to be there, and he being a tall lad, we found him quickly. We stood by him through Bob Dylan's set.
  • Beer comes in really big cans.
  • Willie Nelson played the one that goes..."Mama(s?), don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys."
  • Willie Nelson's son rocked the house with a rather blue-sy number and may have given the second best performance of the night, behind...
  • Bob Dylan playing All Along the Watchtower. Husband has seen Bob Dylan countless times and he reports that shows can be really good or really bad. I will not say that this was a bad show for Bob, but he was playing seriously deep cuts. How can you blame him. Has he been on the road since 1983? Yes, actually. Or somewhere's close to that. Anyway, it was kind of just a ho-hum set until he came out for the encore and brought down the house with Watchtower.
  • We bought a poster.
  • Large cans of beer make you pee a lot.
  • The pot-smoker section is actually not for pot-smokers, although they do reside there in somewhat large numbers. It's for fans who want to see the show the way a show is supposed to be seen.
  • Grandmas are really good for babysitting, and allowing the parents get away so they can feel young again.

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