Tuesday, June 21, 2005


  1. Air Rifles - Husband has purchased an air rifle to shoot rabbits that are destroying our gardens. It reminds me of this time in Alaska when I was telling this real crunchy girl how my uncle shot squirrels outside of his house and she went on this tirade about animal rights. I just laughed in her face. Husband didn't want to resort to shooting them but we've had a trap out for a week now with no luck. I knew that when he came out one morning to find his beloved bay plant chomped to smithereens he was going to resort to drastic measures. Good luck little bunnies.
  2. Fabric - I've taken a rest with the knitting and started sewing a lot. Fabric is an addiction similar to yarn. I really gotta stop going to the fabric store. Hey, but I did sell that needle case on eBay!!! Yay! It got one bid, but lotsa people looked at it. Once I figure out my bag design, I'm gonna try to get my website working so I can start being successful.
  3. Walks, again - I am almost at the one-month mark with my walks, and I found a new route that is challenging, and has nice gardens to look at, and has all fenced-in dogs. I have to cross a busy road twice but since it's a loop I don't have to backtrack or turn around. I also have a new motivation for losing weight: wedding pictures. Not mine, but my sister's. No word yet on the wedding party, or who will have to wear bridesmaid dresses.
  4. Tupperware - I dropped a tupperware pitcher that husband uses daily to make iced tea. It broke. I called up the tupperware folks and they're sending me a new one for free, kinda. I paid $4 for s&h. Pretty sweet, huh?
  5. Here There Be Dragons - Jerry and I have a big plan for today. We're going to see our first play at the UNCG Summer Repertory Theater. I think he's going to love it. We're also going to see movies this summer at the movie theater because they are free for kids.

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