Tuesday, May 17, 2005

When I came home yesterday...

...there were way more than five good things that my husband had done for us. Here are some highlights.
  1. The Hand Cake. "What is a hand cake?" you ask. Well somewhere along the line Jerry must have seen a cake shaped as a hand, and has wanted one ever since. So my husband, who doesn't bake, spent Sunday baking a cake, shaping it into a hand, and frosting it with cream cheese frosting. But he didn't stop there.
  2. Sprinkles. Jerry also seems to think that all cakes need sprinkles, so be that as it may, the Hand Cake was also adorned with sprinkles. It was perfect.
  3. Vacuumed Floors. While it is not monumental for MDH (my darling husband) to vacuum, it was really outstanding that he had vacuumed the house before we came home. See I have this thing that when I come home after a vacation where I get all annoyed if things are messy or unorganized. I was pleasantly surprised to find a tidy house, and I didn't get all annoyed.
  4. Supper on the Table. Only ten minutes after we arrived home, a delicious hot supper was on the table. Roasted chicken, rice, cauliflower. What planning.
  5. Never Making a Hand Cake Again - Maybe. MDH hoped that by next year, Jerry will have outgrown the need for another Hand Cake. The thing is, and the reason this is a Top 5, is if Jerry wants another Hand Cake for his birthday, I betcha my husband will make one. What mother could ask for anything more?

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