Sunday, May 01, 2005

curse of the prancing pony

I once read that in knitting, if a mistake can't be seen from a prancing pony, than pay no mind to the mistake and knit on. The logical question, as put forth in the passage, becomes whether the knitted object is being worn by the cowgirl riding the prancing pony, or someone is viewing said object from the saddle of a prancing pony. Talk amongst yourselves.

Hols, I've been meaning to ask: How was the KnitPicks yarn? Worth me breaking the bank?

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h-spo said...

ok. the knitpiks yarn is a bit less than was desired. that said...if you wanna knit some fun socks with the is perfect. the weight is just a bit thinner than i'm used to. of course i'm addicted to lambs pride and it is no lambs pride. you can look at it when you go home in may because i sent it home in one of my suitcases with mom and dad. but don't think you are going to take it over. keep your little hands off. lookie and touchie but no stealie.