Friday, May 27, 2005

classic literature, kinda

I'm reading Emma by Jane Austen. Its fun to read, but I already know the whole story because years ago I saw Clueless. Emma Woodhouse as Cher. I'm torn as to whether I should finish reading or just go rent Clueless.

Good book suggestions, anyone? I mean good.


H-SPO said...

i think that you should read mrs. dalloway by virginia wolf, then read the hours and then see the movie the hours.

Mandy said...

I have Mrs. Dalloway! But I think that I will finish Emma first. And I saw the Hours, but I think I will try your plan.

Sweet! Thanks!

Dashiell said...

i'm a big fan of 'pride and prejudice' -- seriously, i am. it's fantastic.

Mandy said...

I really liked P&P too. I just read it last year or something, so maybe I'll wait another year to read it again. I don't like to read books that I've already read, but that one I definitely will. We have to convince h-spo that its worthy.