Tuesday, May 10, 2005

5 fer tuesday

  1. Seatbelts and Airbags. Thanks to these wonderful advances in car safety, my husband has only bruises and sore muscles after an accident yesterday. After seeing how smashed up his truck was, his boss called and asked if he was really okay. He is okay, thank goodness. I will try to remember that I have driven thousands of miles with my husband and that he is a good driver. I will not waste my time worrying.
  2. Venetian Carousel at the Mall. Today was the first time in a while that I didn't have to bribe Jerry into behaving while we were out and about. No whining, no running away, no making mean faces at strangers. Therefore, he was rewarded for his good behavior with a ride on the carousel. And although he did remind me that when Grandma takes him on the carousel she always gets him ice cream afterwards, he didn't complain when I said that we didn't need any today. What a good boy.
  3. My Clean House. My house is not meticulously clean, but now that I am unemployed I have tackled both my bedroom and my desk/craft area. There is relatively little clutter now, and I am working really hard at keeping things tidy. I feel so happy I could make a knitting tote...oh wait, I already did!
  4. Mother's Day. I think this holiday is my new favorite. So many things were good about Mother's Day this year that it would be a waste of my time and yours to recount everything here. I must say, however, that in my head the holiday isn't over until the cheesecake I received has been completely eaten. I predict Mother's Day will be over this evening.
  5. New Baby. I have a new nephew, and I almost reserved #4 and #5 for him, but then I remembered about the cheesecake. Nonetheless, he is quite a looker and had a successful home birth. I can't wait to meet him. John Patrick is his name, though he will be called Jack. How wonderful.

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Dashiell said...

I'm glad that he's all right. how scary. airbags are a delightful thing. i got your message the other day and i'll call you soon.