Sunday, April 17, 2005

unfinished projects

How many unfinished knitting projects do I have? Let's see.
  1. Slippers for j-po. I ran into some trouble while attaching the vamp. Things seem all backwards and wrong. I'm too upset to return to that project right now. I mean - for reals - its nearly summer. Who needs felted slippers in May? And in North Carolina?
  2. Drop-stitch scarf for no one special. I am using yucky yarn with a nice pattern but not suited for the yarn. I pick this scarf up about every couple of days and knit maybe 4 rows. Again, scarf+April+North Carolina. Won't be wearing it anytime soon, even if I do finish.
  3. My first pair of socks. Not only my first sock forray, but also my first try on dpns. So, I have cast on 2 times and frogged two times. I will need to call my beloved sister for help figuring out the simple phrase found in every pattern using dpns: "...join into a round..." I fear being twisted, or knitting the sock inside out, or the socks not being perfect.
This doesn't even count the yarn I have in waiting for projects not even started yet. I am a new knitter, but I have realized that what I am acquiring is a stash, and that it is an obsession.

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