Thursday, April 21, 2005

the mind of a child

From A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith:
Oh, to be a Chinaman, wished Francie, and have such a pretty toy to count on; oh, to eat all the lichee nuts she wanted and to know the mystery of the iron that was ever hot and yet never stood on a stove. Oh, to paint those symbols with a slight brush and a quick turn of the wrist and to make a clear black mark as fragile as a piece of a butterfly wing! That was the mystery of the Orient in Brooklyn.
I loved this when I read it because it reminds me how Jerry says he wants to be a forklift driver when he grows up. In his mind, the forklift must be such an exciting thing! And what could he have been thinking about that "catertiller" [sic] he was examining today? And the way he sits and looks at books and reads them aloud even though he does not know how to read? He amazes me daily.

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